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New eBook Explains Why Utilities Need Predictive Analytics

In our new eBook with Utility Dive, 5 Ways Utilities Can Plan a Better Future with Analytics, we unpack why today’s utilities require the ability to collect granular, reliable data and analyze it intelligently, in real time. Why? Because, now more than ever, their futures are at stake.


To be effective, utility planning needs to occur in three timespans:

  • Short term in the 1-3 years range.
  • Near future within 5 to 25 years.
  • Far future in the 10+ year timeframe.

Given the dynamic marketplace, the variables by which utilities operate are rapidly changing, so the tools they use need to support this challenge and future-proof their business. Currently, utilities are struggling with planning beyond the short term. But predictive analytics and asset performance management solutions can better position utility staff to achieve for longer planning horizons.


“Today, many utility financial decisions are based on surprisingly little real data. They tend to rely on general assumptions about average lifecycle and age. That’s a starting point, but there are more dynamic dimensions to consider.”

Jill Feblowitz, President of Feblowitz Energy Consulting

This eBook describes how data-informed planning enables utilities to:

  1. Optimize the life and performance of existing assets.
  2. Get the most out of their asset investment.
  3. Maximize long-term options with advanced investment planning.
  4. Seize the cloud computing opportunity.
  5. Prepare better their infrastructure for new technologies.
  6. Proactively address demanding regulatory requirements.
  7. Remain competitive for the future.

Utility staff cannot foresee every aspect of the future, but they can implement solutions that enable them to be flexible and resilient. Learn the five reasons why predictive analytics can help mitigate risk and reduce costs and complexities across the utility environment.



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