BY Scott Stallard

ASSET360 is a purpose-developed Asset Performance Management platform that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and planning for asset-intensive companies. What differentiates the cloud-based platform from alternative solutions in the marketplace is ASSET360’s ability to deliver outcomes while supporting complexity and scale.

Check out this ebook which offers a brief tour of each of the three foundational components that work in concert to integrate and interpret data and empower businesses to remain nimble, efficient and competitive.



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1. Use & Reuse

The first component of ASSET360’s unique foundation is use and reuse of digital assets. Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson’s book The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies sheds light on the fact that digital assets—like data and models—are infinitely reusable because they are “non-rival” goods that can be consumed by anyone at any time. In the context of a power plant, asset data and models can thus be perpetually adapted and modified to serve objectives as they arise and evolve in the future.


2. Adaptive Modeling Approach

To remain agile and efficient, organizations today require the use and reuse of assets. However, the full benefits of use and reuse—accelerated diagnostics, broader risk analysis, improved performance forecasts—can only be achieved when assets are fit into the right models. For this reason, the second foundational component of ASSET360 is an adaptive modeling approach that enables organizations to harness the power of recombinant innovation.

In How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth About How Companies Innovate, Andrew Hargadon explains recombinant innovation as the process of converting old ideas into new ones by adapting them from one context to another. An example would be autonomous vehicles, which adapt legacy tools like graphics, processing units and global positioning systems—technologies that are decades old—to create an entirely new type of vehicle.


3. Embedded Domain Knowledge

The third foundational component of ASSET360 is embedded domain knowledge applied by our infrastructure experts.

The truth is, organizations can be data rich and knowledge poor because even the strongest data streams have limits on how much insight can actually be gleaned from the data. Why is that? Because data only represents the dimensions that are measurable, taking a snapshot of an asset without taking into account events that may be occurring up or downstream. ASSET360 fills in these gaps.

At Atonix Digital, we recognize these limitations and understand how they impact the different dimensions of your organization. Through our experts, we embed rich domain knowledge into ASSET360’s data and asset models. By doing this, the platform gains contextual awareness that elevates the level of insight provided through the analytics. Instead of getting a snapshot of an asset, users get a full picture of the system.

By working together in harmony, these three components create an analytics platform that is greater than the sum of its parts. ASSET360 is an adaptable, cloud-based platform that, with the help of an innovative partner ecosystem, leads to greater scalability and faster time-to-market for customers.


Download the ebook to dive deeper into each aspect and learn more about ASSET360 on our platform page.



Scott Stallard

Scott leads the development and commercialization efforts for the ASSET360 Platform which powers industry-leading analytics solutions for utilities, businesses and smart cities. These solutions address the challenges and opportunities prompted by increased operational complexity, widespread adoption of digital technologies, big data, and major transformation occurring across virtually all asset-centric industries.

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