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In celebration of this award, Atonix Digital’s CEO Paul McRoberts recently talked with CIO Applications to discuss how analytics can boost asset performance. When asked about ASSET360, our cloud-based analytics platform built to help utilities and industrial companies optimize assets, you’d hear him use words like “fast,” “nimble” and “unburdened,” in between comments about erasing industry stigmas and demystifying uncertainties and right before no-nonsense objectives of clients being able to “go live in less than a month.” At first, you might get the impression you were just let in on the latest, top-secret invention to come out of Wayne Enterprises, but no—you were just talking to someone who’s passionate about helping companies more easily access asset performance management (APM) technology and committed to developing products to meet that objective.  

In this interview, McRoberts pulls back the curtain on ASSET360 and breaks down the nuts and bolts of how the platform works and what attributes make it so disruptive in the marketplace. Plus, get his keen insight into the evolving utilities and industrial climate and why small- and mid-sized companies are increasingly in a “David vs. Goliath” scenario to adopt APM solutions.

Read this insightful Q & A.

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