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A webinar hosted by Utility Analytics Institute and featuring Tacoma Power and Atonix Digital



As Asset Performance Management (APM) solution adoption accelerates, shifting to a predictive, condition-based, reliability-centered – pick your preferred term – maintenance approach has an immediate and impactful benefit for utilities and other asset-intensive industries. APM combines data management capabilities, analytics and visualization tools to remove the guesswork to improve the reliability and efficiency of physical assets and minimize unplanned downtime.

Because it leverages various technologies and concepts to create a real-time, 360-degree snapshot of an operation, APM is well positioned to address a broad range of challenges and issues confronting today’s asset-intensive infrastructures, such as:

  • Making faster, more informed decisions to improve operations and financial results, and reduce risk.
  • Managing a wider and evolving array of asset types, such as renewable energy sources, and having the visibility into all assets and the specific information needed to make operational decisions.
  • Needing insight into the entire infrastructure to better understand the interdependencies between assets to aid issue diagnosis and resolution.
  • Shifting operational teams away from constantly troubleshooting to initiatives that enable them to be more innovative, efficient and cost-effective to help your company be more competitive in the marketplace.
  • Tying asset performance and operational objectives to overarching business strategy and key performance indicators.
  • Using predictive analytics to balance shorter term needs while providing insight for longer term planning.

Listen to this webinar, hosted by Utility Analytics Institute, featuring an interactive panel discussion with Tacoma Power and Atonix Digital. These experts also discuss the differences between asset management and APM, how operating more reliable assets supports safety and environmental initiatives, how to use APM to deliver a more reliable and consistent experience to an increasingly demanding public, and the functionality to consider when selecting an APM solution.  



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