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A webinar hosted by Greenbiz and featuring Ecolab, Atonix Digital and Black & Veatch



Managers of industrial operations – plants that generate mission-critical power and manage water systems supporting industrial processes – face numerous challenges, including aging infrastructure, fluctuating commodity costs, narrowing profit margins, and a shrinking pool of veterans to manage these systems and processes. Fortunately, growing access to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies offers plant managers an unprecedented opportunity to streamline asset health monitoring, diagnostics, and issue remediation.

 When plant managers integrate schedule-based maintenance with data-driven condition-based practices, they can achieve new levels of operational reliability and efficiency. Asset Performance Management (APM), which combines activities, data management, analytics, and visualization tools to improve the reliability and efficiency of machines and physical systems, is an ideal solution to support these objectives and more:  

  • Use predictive analytics to better understand where to take action within an aging infrastructure and how to prioritize asset investment, thus reducing risk and improving reliability.
  • Drive faster and more informed decisions to improve operational performance.
  • Use remote monitoring to shorten issue response times, respond to problems well before they trigger alarms or force shutdowns, and extend the life of infrastructure assets.
  • Automate information and processes to streamline the knowledge transfer required for workforce transition resulting from an aging workforce.
  • Manage a wider array of connected asset types requiring better visibility across the entire infrastructure and actionable information to aid issue diagnosis and resolution.
  • Shift operational teams away from reactively troubleshooting issues so they can focus on more innovative and strategic initiatives to bring more benefit to your business.

Listen to this webinar replay with Ecolab, Atonix Digital and Black & Veatch as they share insights and example scenarios to illustrate how industrial companies can utilize APM to sustain power and water needs to support their asset-intensive operations.  



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