BY Scott Stallard

Data is the lifeblood of your infrastructure, but data alone provides very little value unless it helps you make smarter, more proactive decisions. At Atonix Digital, we believe the key to unlocking the full value of data starts when you embrace the complexities of your dynamic, ever-changing environment instead of avoiding them … and complex environments require cutting-edge technologies. That’s why we built cloud-based ASSET360®.

ASSET360 is purpose-built to drive decision making because it combines its own advanced frameworks, pervasive data connectivity and seamless integration with the capabilities of its two partner technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and nDimensional.


Here’s how these three cutting-edge technologies work together to enable world-class data analytics and asset performance management:


  • Adaptive Planning—Rapidly identify and examine alternative actions and outcomes against changing circumstances, alternative goals or changing risk profiles.
  • Operational Intelligence—Continuous examination of data and circumstances surrounding assets to identify emerging issues, and take appropriate actions by applying ML, first principles engineering models and diagnostics.
  • Activity Management—See and track activities and workflows across time, location, assets and work activities.
  • Pervasive Data Connectivity—Resilient, continuous connectivity to myriad data sources, leveraging best-of-class IoT data collection technologies and API-based connectivity for additional data sources.
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytics—Apply AI, engineering, condition/life, asset/system level and simulation models to identify issues, degree of impact, alternative actions/outcomes
  • Seamless Integration—Efficiently leverage best-of-class SaaS partners to address data connectivity, scalability, analytics depth, workflows and edge devices to create dynamic, agile and powerful solution frameworks.


  • Resilience and Security—Leverage industry-leading public cloud capabilities and services to support high availability, fast recovery and geographically distributed needs. Apply proactive security policies and practices to assure and exceed security mandates of appropriate industry risk frameworks.
  • Scalability—Leverage AWS to rapidly “size” cloud resources as required to match system loading and assure consistent user experiences and underlying analytics process performance.
  • IoT Foundations—Build on best-of-class and fast-emerging technologies and tools to assure efficient, secure and resilient data collection, commission of analytics at the edge and transmission of data/models to/from the cloud.


  • Digital Twins — We leverage the nD platform to develop, manage and continuously improve mathematical representations of assets and processes, i.e. digital twins, to evaluate performance, virtually inspect conditions and optimize outcomes.  nD uses standardization and AI to automate many of the workflows associated with digital twin creation, integration, operation and management. This ensures that integrated systems of digital twins with high-quality, evolving models can be rapidly applied and rigorously managed across assets, classes of assets and enterprises.

  • AI and Advanced Math — Our advanced APM functionality requires best-of-class AI capabilities that go beyond monitoring what’s happening to predicting what’s next, prescribing what to do and optimizing actions in real-time. nD enables us to apply optimal combinations of ML and first principles (physics-based) models to meet any challenge, and provides an integrated development environment that enables us to rapidly move between batch and stream analytics and from prototype to production at scale. 

ASSET360, together with AWS and nDimensional, enables cloud-based asset performance management that is right-sized for modern infrastructure, delivering benefits that make your team more efficient, proactive and informed:

  • Reduce hands-on software management activities with a platform that’s living and agile
  • Seize every optimization opportunity with continuous examination of data and circumstances
  • Ensure accurate, fully informed decision making by having access to context data
  • Accelerate decision making by converting data and models to usable insights
  • Customize data models and user experiences for different audiences and use cases

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Scott Stallard

Scott leads the development and commercialization efforts for the ASSET360 Platform which powers industry-leading analytics solutions for utilities, businesses and smart cities. These solutions address the challenges and opportunities prompted by increased operational complexity, widespread adoption of digital technologies, big data, and major transformation occurring across virtually all asset-centric industries.

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