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A 5G world is right around the corner. Where does that leave electric power pole utilities? According to our experts, it leaves them facing a great dilemma: Do these utilities attempt to leverage 5G using legacy infrastructure and analytics technology, or do they seize emerging opportunities?

In a recent expert forum with Utilities Analytics Institute, three great minds in the industry discuss how utilities can capitalize on the 5G boom. Sean Knowles, VP of Business Development at McLean Engineering, Keith Williams, Telecom Colocation Manager at Georgia Power and Paul Bowman, Product Director at Atonix Digital, all agree–in order to adapt to the unprecedented demands for 5G, utilities must prove value to customers. That begins with investing in comprehensive infrastructure and analytics solutions.

Listen to the webinar to learn about:

  • What impacts 5G is having on utilities
  • How joint-use practices are changing
  • How utilities can reinvent the joint-use business model to capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • The technology barriers utilities must overcome to capitalize on the emergence of 5G


Our experts unanimously agree that pole-top assets are evolving quickly, and traditional wire-line attachments will soon be a thing of the past.

Listen to our expert forum to hear the full discussion: How and Why Risk-Averse Utilities Need to Capitalize on the 5G Boom

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