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A webinar hosted by Greenbiz and featuring Atonix Digital and Black & Veatch.


SCADA control systems have been a staple in the water and wastewater industry for decades. However, infrastructure leaders are finding that SCADA alone is not enough to deliver comprehensive performance reporting and provide wide visibility of data and processes throughout their facilities. Forward-thinking utility and industrial plant operators are adopting Asset Performance Management (APM) tools to proactively optimize their SCADA systems and broader infrastructure to achieve more resilient and sustainable operations.


Taking data to the next level using APM doesn’t necessarily require collecting more information. APM is a solution that plant managers can use to capture every piece of data necessary and use it to mitigate risk and unplanned, costly failures or unplanned shutdowns.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn what’s needed to integrate predictive and machine learning capabilities across multiple systems like SCADA and Laboratory Information Management Software, or LIMS. And you’ll hear about companies that are pursuing APM and are reaping the benefits of increased asset efficiency and visibility across all processes and infrastructure.


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