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In a report from Verdantix, experts identify the technology and support capabilities that enable organizations of all sizes to get maximum value from an asset performance management (APM) investment. That sounds all well and good, but who are these organizations and how does APM help them achieve their asset management goals?

According to the experts at Verdantix, here are examples of the types of asset intensive industries that can benefit from APM solutions:

Electric and gas utilities and industrial power generation

Power generation is one of the biggest niches of the APM marketplace. Why? Because power suppliers are constantly up against the risk of an outage or failure, requiring the tools to automate monitoring and diagnostic functions and predictively mitigate performance issues. Trouble is, these tools have historically priced out small- and mid-sized suppliers. Now more than ever there’s an opportunity for affordable, democratized APM technology to make a splash in the power generation market.

Municipal water and wastewater treatment plant operators

Water maintenance facilities also generate tons of data. Efficient monitoring and analysis of water infrastructure is essential to getting ahead of dangers like water quality issues, natural disasters, regulatory and compliance concerns, aging infrastructure, and aging workforce driving the need for effective knowledge transfer. For this reason, APM offers an ideal solution for plant and facility operators.

Oil and gas firms

Oil and gas firms also make prime APM candidates. As they do with power generation, APM solutions give oil and gas engineers the real-time data and predictive insight to shorten issue response times, prevent alarms or shutdowns and extend the lives of infrastructure assets.

These snapshots just scratch the surface. The full Verdantix report goes deeper into how these customer verticals are leveraging APM, including success stories from each industry.



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